A different point of view

Like the idea of having a drone at your wedding? With our High Flyers package you get the option to include the use of a drone to get an aerial view on your wedding day. Quite often we use this for the group shot of all the wedding guests and sometimes, if the weather and opportunities permit, we get to be a little creative and catch something different.   

This can result in some unique images from a point of view not usually available so its well worth it to be a High Flyer.


Are you a poser? Do you part take in the odd (or many) cheeky selfie?  Well, don’t be embarrassed if you do because that increases your chances of looking good in your wedding photos. Why, you ask?  my experience has shown me that people who are aware of their “best side” and better yet, how they look posed together are the couples who shine the brightest. I always recommend some time spent practicing posing before the wedding for my couples so on the day they will fall into the poses they feel work best for them. I don’t like to be overly directive if it isn’t necessary so the end result is natural and true to who they are. Some thought and preparation is vital in this area as quite often time is short and we have to make the most of it. So practice, even in the mirror, take selfies and ask friends and family to take shots of you to try out ideas and get used to being in the spot light.

let’s talk shoes at level 2

Now level 2 is upon us and we all need to get back into the habit of wearing pants, brushing our hair and not wearing slippers all day,  we can break out our shoe collections again and put some effort into the new normal. Speaking of shoes, this is a crucial but sometimes overlooked detail for weddings. I always recommend brides bring along a pair of flat comfortable shoes to slip on, so we can trudge through fields and climb mountains to get amazing shots. Choosing a practical choice of wedding footwear, or having a comfy pair of shoes to change into, can make the rest of your day more comfortable and is probably one of the most important things to plan for along with what type dress you choose. So the question is, what will you choose: Cinderella’s diamond encrusted heels or a sweet pair of sneakers?