5 reasons to choose a small Wedding or Elopement

The Covid reality we are living in now really highlights the benefits of a small Wedding or Elopement. No longer just seen as a fast convenient option, it is becoming the safer and more economical choice in these changeable times. I’ve complied a short list of reasons that support choosing to have a small Wedding or Elopement compared to planning a full scale wedding.

#1  A smaller Wedding means it should cost you less or, you can pick an amazing location with the trimmings of your dreams without the added cost of feeding and accommodating many guests.

#2  You can be selective about who’s invited without offending anyone. Besides, everyone can be “present” with video chat anyway.

#3  The planning should be less stressful and you may have a more flexible timeframe and date options. And its likely to be easier to reschedule if needed.

#4  Small Weddings and Elopements are less affected by some of the Covid alert levels. If less people are present then you can keep within the safe gathering numbers.

#5   Last and most importantly, this day is all about your love for each other and when you have an option that gives you more assurance that you can have your Wedding day when, where and how you want it, that reason alone makes it an appealing choice.

If you hadn’t already guessed it, I’m a big fan of small Weddings and Elopements.  Pani & Bill, Sarah & Rod, Gina & Zion, Jackie & Rob, all chose the Short & Sweet  Wedding package we offer. This provides 2 hours of photographic service, perfect for small Wedding or Elopements. In my humble opinion, a lot of love can be jammed into 2 hours.

You can check out their amazing days on our Weddings page.